Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Blogity Blog Blog Blog...

Ok.. I used to have a blong on my home page but since all it ever did was get spammed, I figured I would ditch it. Fast forward a year and here we are.. a new blog!

{insert Kermit the Frog "YEAH!" here}

So now, what to talk about? Hmmm.. well, most of I usually wanna talk about, like personal stuff, I really have a problem sharing. Why you ask? Well, I have always been a private kinda guy. Seems my life for some is fodder for the gossip. Maybe I need new friends? Hopefully MySpace will help a bit.

But hey.. encourage me. Harras me to post a blog and get a little more personal about myself you you want.. If I get harrased enough, I probably will. Chances are I'll gush about my daughter and how cute she is and how she does these cute things.. hehe...


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