Saturday, September 24, 2005

There's No Place Like Home! [CLICK CLICK CLICK]

So I'm home! HOME! FUCKIN' A!!! Terry and I missed our original flight and took a later flight, and got home later then I was wanting, but still, I wasn't gonna bitch.

We went out and saw my friends and had a good time. I know this insn't very detailed but I'm not in a writing mood right now. Still hung up on Wolfie and and the shit in South Dakota. I know I shouldn't be, but I'm human and seem to be a man prone to romanticisim. Time heals all wonds yet abcese makes the heart grow fonder. I guess I deal with it.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Flying High Baby!

Ok, so I'm working today to cover for Shane, who does afternoon drive. See, Andre, the production director took the week off, and when he does that, Shane takes over the work. But this week I guess got a little stressful, so he called me wednesday and asked if I wanted to cover he shift the rest of the week. Naturally I said hell yeah! More time behind the mic!

So anyhoo, today, I decided to get some stuff done before I go on the air, like making some calls to New York and a couple emails about job leads. One of the calls I make is to a squadron commander for the Civil Air Patrol in Schenectady. See ever since high school, I wanted to fly. I almost joined the Air Force, twice! Once was reserve and the other active duty. But my eyesight wasn't that good and I was overweight. So it would have taken a lot of work and I wasn't a hard worker beack then. Big change from now.

So anyways, I called and he called me back but his timing was kinda off, or maybe dead on however you wanna look at it. He called like 20 seconds before I had to go on the air and do a break. So I answer my cell, and he asks if I called about info on joinin CAP. I said yes but I was at work and getting ready to go on the air, and if he could hold on a minute while I do my break. He said sure and I popped the mic and did my thing.

So I finish my break and come back to him on my cell and he was like WOW! I must have impressed him, because he asked me if I ould be interested in being a PAO, Public Affairs Officer for the squadron. Sure! I didn't mind! As long as I can serve somehow and work twords getting my pilot's certificate, I'm all for it!

See, Since I met some of my friends out here that are in the Air Force and see how they live and work, I kinda regret I didn't work harder for something I wanted to do so badly. And volunteering for CAP, I hope will fill that void. I think I should have joined the Air Force like I was hoping to do in high school.

But I do have a cool carrer in broadcasting, and I want to keep doing that, but this is also something I feel I have to do as well.

Man, some of the jobs I have had in my life. That could be a blog entry unto itself!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Little More Upbeat

So, I walk into the station friday, having a bad day as usual. In a funk about the woman I mentioned in the previous posting (We'll call her Wolfie, she suggested that nickname). So I come in and I see Shane (Afternoon Drive) Kim (mid-days) and Marnie (former Afternoon Drive on former Star 106.3 - It got flipped to a JACK FM type of format), and I start talking to them. Now I'm not too bad off. Not like walking zombie moaning an complaining about my woes in my love life. I'm a little upbeat.

So Shane comes over to me and asks me if I knew I was doing a remote on saturday. I'm thining he means friday, but I then realise that today is friday and that tommorrow is saturday. So I figure, ok, I'm running a remote, no biggie. Then he corrects me. No, I'm DOING the remote. Which means I am gonna be the guy on the air.


So after 13 years, I finally get to do a remote. Now I know some of you are gonna say "13 years?!?! And you never did a remote?". That's right. Cuz the station I was at for the last 11 years, hardly did any and if they did, it was Jack (Scott) or Steve (Savage) that did them. So, I finally got one under the belt. I think I did ok. But I'm holding out on celebrating till I get the final word from any peers that were listening in.

The remote was to get listeners to come to the mall and buy gift cards from the retialers in the mall and donate them to the Red Cross and Salavation Army to give to Katrina evacuees that are comeing to Rapid City, so they could get clothes, tolietries and other things they would need. But the real cool thing was that 8 stations, including us, all came together to do this. We even did a little thing on Magic 93.9 where all the jocks there got interviewed on the air. So that was pretty cool.

I did leave a voicemail for Wolfie to come out to the remote and see me or stop by and just say hi, but she mentioned that her phone has been acting strange. And it has hung up on me a couple times when her and I were talking. So I don't know if she even got the message.

But all in all. It was a pretty good day. I picked up a movie i've been wanting to see, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. Neil Patrick Harris.. FUNNY!!! But $200 for leaving love stains in the back seat? Dude.. I would want at least $400 for the emotional damage.

10 days till Terry and I go back to New York. I'm both excited and kinda worried. I still haven't seen or talked to Wolfie since that phone call last week, when I asked her to call me before she headed into work. Ok.. am I being parnoid here?

But to leave this post on a happy note, I think I rocked on my remote. AWSOME!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Blogging an aching heart...

Well, i figured since I haven't blogged in a while I should throw something in here. The reason I haven't been blogging here is because fate decided to play some cruel tricks on me and someone who has become very important to me.

See, I fell in love with someone, and I'm happy to say, she has told me she has fallen in love with me as well. But due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been unable to be with her or see her for sometime. And fate is to blame for this cruel trick.

I started a journal on my home machine that I would let her read since I sometimes can't say what I mean. It just seemed easier for me to write it down when I couldn't get the words out. Needless to say, the time we did get to spend together in the beginning was great. It was something as close to a perfect moment that you can get. Especially the last weekend we spent alone together. It's just hard to describe.

But right now, since I haven't been able to see her or talk to her on the phone, I've been in agony. I get to exchange a few text messages with her sometimes, but other then that, I'm pretty much cut off from her. I know she misses me too. A few days ago I made the mistake of thinking she was trying to avoid me. Fact was, she has been extremely busy with 14 hour work days and other problems she has taken on for a friend who is deployed to the middle east and that she misses as well. So after recieving my text message on her phone, she called me and sounding very rushed procedded to tell me why she hasn't been able to see me or talk to me and that she missed me too.

I felt about an inch high. I couldn't believe I freaking made her day worse. The last thing I want to do is make her unhappy or make her day worse. In a very short time this woman has gotten to me. I'm not sure I can accurtatly describe how I feel about her. I've tried in my journal, and failed. I have even put down my frustrations over and over again about not being able to see her, and it just made me madder that I sounded like a whiney little punk about it all. So I got pissed at myself.

But soon I'm going to be moving back to New York, and she's remaining in South Dakota because of her work and other obligations she has. Should those change, she has said she would move east then maybe we could pick up where things are leaving off. But I do have to admit, I'm very scared that I may lose touch with her and not see her again, even though we have told each other we would stay in touch. She has an attachment for my daughter Terry and Terry has one for her too. And if I had my way, I wouldn't let them be apart, but that isn't in my power at this moment.

She has asked me to post here though so she can read what I would normally put in my journal about her and my feelings and everything else happeing with me. So I guess this is the start of that.

Anyways, that is the main reason I haven't posted an entry. But hopefully that will change.