Thursday, September 15, 2005

Flying High Baby!

Ok, so I'm working today to cover for Shane, who does afternoon drive. See, Andre, the production director took the week off, and when he does that, Shane takes over the work. But this week I guess got a little stressful, so he called me wednesday and asked if I wanted to cover he shift the rest of the week. Naturally I said hell yeah! More time behind the mic!

So anyhoo, today, I decided to get some stuff done before I go on the air, like making some calls to New York and a couple emails about job leads. One of the calls I make is to a squadron commander for the Civil Air Patrol in Schenectady. See ever since high school, I wanted to fly. I almost joined the Air Force, twice! Once was reserve and the other active duty. But my eyesight wasn't that good and I was overweight. So it would have taken a lot of work and I wasn't a hard worker beack then. Big change from now.

So anyways, I called and he called me back but his timing was kinda off, or maybe dead on however you wanna look at it. He called like 20 seconds before I had to go on the air and do a break. So I answer my cell, and he asks if I called about info on joinin CAP. I said yes but I was at work and getting ready to go on the air, and if he could hold on a minute while I do my break. He said sure and I popped the mic and did my thing.

So I finish my break and come back to him on my cell and he was like WOW! I must have impressed him, because he asked me if I ould be interested in being a PAO, Public Affairs Officer for the squadron. Sure! I didn't mind! As long as I can serve somehow and work twords getting my pilot's certificate, I'm all for it!

See, Since I met some of my friends out here that are in the Air Force and see how they live and work, I kinda regret I didn't work harder for something I wanted to do so badly. And volunteering for CAP, I hope will fill that void. I think I should have joined the Air Force like I was hoping to do in high school.

But I do have a cool carrer in broadcasting, and I want to keep doing that, but this is also something I feel I have to do as well.

Man, some of the jobs I have had in my life. That could be a blog entry unto itself!


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