Friday, October 21, 2005

If It's A Whoopin' Your A Wantin'...

Now since i've been home, i've noticed that I have been getting into some old habits and I really don't like that. The life I had in the mid-west was kinda boring and lonely for the most part, but my general routine I had was great! The only thing I didn't like was working nights. I hated it. But now back here I have the opportunity to work days which will be nice!

There was a job fair for broadcasters at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albany today, and of course, I was there, pimping myself like a gigalo. Handing out resumes and demo cds. Hopefully, I'll have a shot at some work. If I can get something fulltime, I would be a happy man. Not going to work on a regualr basis is driving me nuts! I'm sure Terry doesn't mind having daddy home all day, but it takes it toll on me. Although I do admit it is nice to have some free time. I can call Tracy and talk on my Yaesu HF rig and chat with friends.

One friend who I have discussed in a couple of past posts, has once again distinguished herself to merit another post. Yes, I'm talking about Amy. What has she done now? Lemme tell ya'!

Amy is the kind of person that likes to bust balls. A lot! And since I've been back and started talking to her again, I seem to be the brunt of it all. Almost makes me think I'm loved! Yeah right! I'll be lucky if she doesn't try to run me over! She accuses me of being a mean daddywhen I try and impose some discpline with Terry and a loser for not being online when she gets on to talk. Stuff like that. Harmless. But somehow, and I know I'll get a lashing for this one.. hehehe... All the abuse I get from her makes me think of little girls or boys who act all mean and nasty to someone that they have some affection for. Could this be the case? Not gonna speculate. Not even gonna give it a thought. I would just bleed from my ears if I did.

The last post I put up she read and said I was gonna get my ass kicked. No clue why. I asked her and she didn't give me a reason. I can only assume it had something to do with a certain picture in a glovebox of my old car.

Anyways, Tracy and I are headed for Target or Tar-zjay if you're so inclined, to look for a costume for Terry. Last year I wanted to get her a Care-Bears costume, but the store was out. So I got her a Dora The Explorer costume. This year I'm going a little more earlier and hopefully there's gonna be one!

Other than that, I do a saturday shift at WENT and got invited to dinner at a friend's house on sunday provided I don't have to work. So we'll see what's up. Aside from that, it's buisness as usual. Whatever usual is. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find a place to hide. Because after Amy reads this, I have a feeling I'm gonna get a whoopin'!


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