Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kid in a Candy Store

So Tracy and I were bored Sunday, and Terry was at her grandparents for a couple days. That's typical for me. Always wanting something to do. So we concoted a plan that she would come up and we would find something to go out and do. When she got here, we checked the paper and found a craft fair and decided to hit that up while we waited for my VX5 to charge so I could call some of the guys on the repeaters in Albany and see what they were up to. Well the fair was a bust and couldn't really find anyone on the air, so we ened up going to an apple orchard in Sharon Springs. Man I was bouncing like a fanboy meeting someone from Star Trek!

I had been gone for 2 years and now, I was doing something that I loved doing. I love apples. Crisp, juicy, sweet. They are my favorite fruit! Tracy and I walked around and looked and got some doughnuts and rock candy as well as some apples :D

After that we headed to her friend Tammy's and hung out talking. After which it was a movie at my place. Not a bad Sunday.

Monday I did some work on my Yaesu FT901-DM radio. After that, Tracy came over and we went to Miker's house to hang. Watched some TV and just relaxed. The real entertainment was that Miker was supposed ot get shot with a paintball gun by Patrick and I. But the bastard backed out as usual. But I did get to drink some Guinness!

But today, I go 3 rounds with the ex on the phone cuz she didn't bother to call me when she heard something that was gonna cause a problem. So instead of confronting me and getting the real info, she drags her mom into the mess. Making her cry no less! Aside from her being a mornon, the ex wife needs to find her common sense center to her brain and turn it on! I actually posted it all in the Outback Preservation Society forum.

Then a smart ass know as Amy "The One" Vansomethingorother, has to be a wise ass and play some kind of joke on me.. and I quote...

VanSomething: i have something to tell u
Mobby G: Ok
VanSomething: where did u go?
Mobby G: I'm here
Mobby G: Tell away
Mobby G: Was waiting for you
VanSomething: oh
VanSomething: im here

(I wouldn't have guessed! LOL)

Mobby G: hehe
Mobby G: Ok.. So tell me what you wanted to tell me
VanSOmething: nope
Mobby G: Oh come on.. what was it?
VanAnnoyingMe: nope
Mobby G: Ok.. I'll bite... why not?
VanGetToThePoint: nope
Mobby G: You just wanna make nuts right? Why not? What is it?
Mobby G: <=== Will humm showtunes into your voice mail everyday!
Mobby G: <== Will send you pizzas WITH ANCHOVIES every Wednesday!
VanWiseAss: i dont think so
Mobby G: I'll post on an entry on my blog about the time you suprised me with a polroid of your breats in my glove box!
Mobby G: Thought I forgot huh?
Mobby G: :-)
VanReallyGettingMeUppity: u have to call me to find out

So I call her, and I'm like "So?". She just starts laughing! All she wanted to do was get me to call and laugh at me! DAMN YOU! Now I have tha last laugh! I told the world your devil ways and now I have tha last laugh!!!


Ok, now that I have that out of my system.. See if she pulls that again..

(She will...)


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