Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New Digs...

Ok... so after a bunch of peer pressure from Miker over at Captain Miker's Bar & Grill, I moved the digs from myspace.com to here at Blogger. I wasn't really worried about it, but I just wanted Miker to shut up.

Anyways, sice my last post, I got my HF antenna up and running for my amateur radio, which is a Yaesu FT-901DM, and also got my computer back together with a new case and power supply.
Terry seems to have been adjusting well. She's been impressing everyone she meets and making out like a bandit. Toys, candy, money.. Wish I was that lucky.

Been thinking about Wolfie a lot. Really miss her. She hasn't been answering my text messages or my voicemails. Makes it even more hard for me. I understand why, but it just makes me think more and more about it. Ugh.. My kingdom for a Slurpee and a brain freeze!

Yeah I know, I haven't really gone into details about her, but I don't want to for some very good reasons. Needless to say, I'm still very much pining for her, even 1700 miles away. But I've been good at hiding it.

The only other thing I think about as much is find work. I'm starting to go nuts not having a job to go to on a regualr basis. I did get hired back at my old station, but I think I got spoiled at my last job since it was pretty much modern when it came to the equpiment and such. Automation, digital editing. Now I'm back to CDs, turntables and carts. Oooo.. whoopie...

I have a lot of shit I want to do and no $$ to start doing it. So if I don't some income soon, I'm gonna freak.

Here's one thing I would like to put out there, or run up the flagpole, and see what folks say.. Now since I have lost some weight, I have been getting some comments from women. Now these aren't like "Oo, did you lose some weight? You look like you did." or "You look good.". These are more like, "WOW! You're eyes look so deep and hypnotic!" or "I wanna run my fingers thorugh your hair!", or even "You have a sexy sounding voice!". Maybe all the years of not hearing anything like that is to basis for my skeptisicim, but it does kinda unsettle me a little. Yeah, it gives me a little bit of an ego boost. I mean who wouldn't get a little boost? But maybe all those years of not having as much confidence in my looks was misplaced some?

So am I now a handsome, lovesick, optimist? You tell me?!


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