Thursday, October 13, 2005

Random Access

So I got some closure with one of the ex's this week. I had been wanting to say something to her for a while now and I finally got to, tonight. Yep. I apologised for the crap I delved up near the end of the whole relationship. Feels good. Yeah it took me a while to even get over her, and I already feel like I have things semi under control in life, it was something that made me feel like a better person. Feels good to be able to talk again about shit. But, I kinda got roped into going to a show where she's doing Home and Garden Party. If she expects me to buy something out of guilt, she's got another thing coming! (Cuz I'm broke.)

So what else? Hmm.. went to a job fair to find a job to cover me till I get working steady again in radio. Man, what a joke that was! I was cracking wise the entire time. For example, walked up to the UPS table and before the lady could open her mouth, I said "What can I do for brown?". The guys snickered, but she was like "Oh, that joke huh?". Boy.. them teamsters have no sense of humor.

"Shoot3rs", the girl I'm currently "involved" with is home. She's been a God send. A good friend. We've been keeping each other sane in our mutual little worlds. Emotional crap is deep and I'm glad she's around with a life line. Somedays I miss her. Others, just talking on the phone or online is enough. Where's it all going? What about Wolfie. Well, got me. I was always one for a Magical Mystery Tour.

And on one last note... The Yanks did pretty good for the way they started this year, but Steinbrenner? Fucking get some manners. You compliment the Angels but nothing for Torre? You're an ass!

'nuff said....


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