Friday, November 18, 2005


So I had another dream with the "The One" in it. This one I can't seem to figure out.

But it goes something like this...

I have a new house. Terry and I are still getting things unpacked and settled in. Boxes all over the place, it's a fixer-uper . I can tell because the kitchen walls need a paint job bad! Plus the prevous owners had bad taste.. Yellow wallpaper and Sky blue wall phones? Ugh....

"The One" is there with 2 other female friends I can't place. Well I come into the kitchen and there they are on my phone, that I thought wasn't hooked up yet cuz I still owed money to the phone company. One of them says "So how far does long distance go?" While she's walking across the kitchen to the counter with the handset in her hand. "The One" says something I can't remeber and her and one of the other women leaves. The last friend is standing there and I look at her and ask her if "The One" paid the phone company to get my phone turned on. She nods her head with a small smile on her face.

Then I'm upstairs in the house and it looks a lot like my parent's upstairs. But this other girl shows up, but shall remain nameless.. Anyways, she comes up the stairs bitching about how I don't wanna date her. Well, why would I? I got Tracy... Then "The One" comes up the stairs where we jump to what can only be described as Maple Ave Extention in Johnstown, in a better day when it wasn't so over grown. Nice cool green grass, light breeze, on a summer's day . I'm sitting by the side of the road just enjoying the weather, when "The One" shows up and she sits in my lap, and leans back against me.

Now I'm not gonna lie! Yeah, I thought it was nice.. but weird.. why would I dream that? And what's stranger.. I had Winamp playing and Cheap Trick's "Dream Police" just came on as I was writing this...

Anyone got a number of a good shrink?


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