Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Good Ole Days...

On my way home from working at WENT, I got to thinking, which I do a lot of, and started to remember the days of when I ran a BBS and when I called up BBSes as a kid. I didn't really start running a BBS till around 1996 or so. But would call them all the time in the late 80s. Some of the ones I would cal in the area were Syncronicty, The Ghost Ship/All American BBS, The Saloon, Twilight Color Lab and a few long distance ones across the U.S.

Back during my days with my Commodore 64 (C=64) I would dialup and log on and get lost in the conversation threads. I would spend all my alloted time up on reading and downloading files. And I would remember the hours I would sit and talk to the guys about what was happening, who was arguing with who, who had done what and what conversation was the best one to read. It also all lead to the BBS Wars in the area, where a bunch of us, basiclly being idiots. You can read a bit about that here on Miker's blog. Back then I was still in high school so I spent many nights during the week doing a little home work and calling the boards.

When I started my BBS, Amiga-Z, I would spend practically all my free time tweaking it or just looking for something new to add to it to make it really cool! This was all before the internet! So it wasn't like I was surfing the web or anything. I was culling through CD-Roms and floppies for programs I could use. I miss those days sometimes. They seemed like a simpler time in my life. All I needed was my computer, a modem and a phone line and I was set. That is untill I started dating more :D

I like waxing nostalgic sometimes. Reliving some of those nights in front of my computer and how I made a lot of friends I never even met in person till years later! One was a guy by the handle of Odin. I finally met him, years later at a computer club that was just getting started.

The weird part is that I mostly remember it all because of the season. In the winter I didn't go out that much because of the cold so I sat my ass in front of the TV and computer. That would explain my size 38 waist!


Anonymous s110706 said...

your writing is very interestng...wish i undrestood all of it.. havent seen you on in a while and would love to chat soon.s110706

Sunday, November 27, 2005 9:55:00 AM  
Blogger ElectroPig said...

I just tried to hit both your web site and yout telnet site, and got errors on both (could be because of the proxy on my side, though it might bear looking into regardless.)

Caught your negative comment on my blog, and responded to it as well. Please feel free to READ the Policy document (the URL was given in my response to you earlier), come back, and continue with any constructive comments or suggestions you might have, or that you believe will be of help to other SYSOPs.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005 9:47:00 PM  

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