Tuesday, November 15, 2005


{Insert Mission Impossible Theme here...}

Good Morning Mr./Mrs. {Insert Your Name Here},

We need you for a covert mission of the utmost importance. You and 2 team members will take positions with your paintball guns around the tennis courts near the high school in town, some hours before sunset. There you will maintain a watch on the location and scout out any other viable firing positions that may help in your mission.

Your objective is to wait until a group of teens, who are known to gather there, show up and begin participating in immoral activities such as drinking, smoking cigarettes and smoking pot. Wait for an opportune moment and take your shot. You are to ambush the entire group and get out without being seen.

Should you or any of your team be captured, all knowledge of this operation and your team will be disavowed. Good luck {insert your name here}.

This message will turn into a rutabega in 5 seconds...

Man, I think up some of the weirdest shit! And Just because I thought this up doesn't mean I plan on doing it and I highly suggest no one else do it either... Because you may get in trouble and I would be very ticked cuz it's my idea!


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