Sunday, November 06, 2005

Random Access III

Been a little busy this weekend.. so another quick update on shite...

  • Mom came home on Wednesday. She's good and back to her ol' self. Thanks to all who asked how she was and the offers of support!

  • Built the antenna and discovered it wasn't the antenna after all. Was having the same issue with the radio on the new antenna. So, it's something in the radio. Already talked to someone and he's gonna give it a look over as soon as I get it to him.

  • Tracy and I kinda both had cruddy weekends, so we tried to comfort each other. I think it worked pretty well.

  • The radiator in my car seems to have sprung a leak. Figures. I hate that car and it hates me.

  • A more interesting post will be coming at some point. I just need a cool idea to post about. Till then, hit up the links on the right.


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