Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Welcome One and All!

If you look at the lower right, just underneath the links and such on the main page here, you'll notice a button for StatsCounter.com. I'm a nosey man by nature, so I wanted to see who's checking out the blog. So Installed it and have been watching to see who's been stopping by. Well, the past few days haven't been very active. And I didn't expect them to be since I'm a small time guy with a small time blog. Come on! I'm not Stern!

So I just checked and low and behold, 13 people have stopped by the site on Monday. And we're starting to get some international folks stopping in. The UK for one! Welcome! Have a pint of Guinness on me if you're so inclined. Send the tab to 1600 Pennsylviana Ave, Washington, D.C. Address it to my nom de' plume of G.W. Bush. I'll send it right out as soon as I get it. Also to those in North Dakota that stopped by, how ya doin'?

Nice to see so many out there are even remotly curious as to what I have to say. Must be all those "secret files" on my HD about all you folks... heheh.. it's ok.. as long as I get my money, no one sees the files..

Anyways.. more to come... 'nuff said.


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