Thursday, December 01, 2005

Like the Rand Corp...Only Smarter!

So I'm sitting at the HOP (House of Pestilence aka Miker's House), and were talking about our dearly departed spudgun, Goutslayer. She was a trusty potato gun and was well constructed and was able to fire well past her prime. And sometime ago I decided I would build a new one and name it Goutslayer 2! A tribute to the original.

Well, thanks to the brain trust of the Outback (Watch out Rand Corp!), We have invented a new twist to a honored sport! Skeet Shooting! Here's the twist....

Take a trebuchet and use that as your skeet thrower. Then take a double barrel spudgun and shoot what ever you fling, out of the sky! Granted, it's a Rube Goldfarb way of making french fries, but hey, I got a lot of time on my hands!


Blogger ElectroPig said...

I'm sure that you meant Rube Goldberg, there... d;o)

Friday, December 02, 2005 8:51:00 PM  

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