Friday, January 20, 2006

So Where's My Brown Coat?

SCIFI.COM | Firefly

I had heard about Firefly, saw the news on some of the geek sites, but I had yet to see any episodes of it. All that changed when I stopped to Miker's one night. Patrick had bought the box set of shows, and they were watching them. I wasn't all that hyped to sit down and watch them, but I'm always up for watching something new. So I sat down and we watched. And got into the stories and the action and humor and the depth of the characters.

It didn't take long for me to get hooked. I had read about sci-fi fans that were kinda skeptical, or even non scu-fi fans that were skeptical. But after watching the movie and then some of the episodes from the DVD set, they just were hooked like me and that was it!

I wasn't a real Buffy fan or an Angel fan. But Firefly... well, let's just say, I hope Josh can get it back on the air. It really seems like a grass roots thing and it has the capability to take off!

So if you haven't seen any of the episodes, check Sci-Fi channel's listing for when it's on again, or dare I say, check out ShoutcastTV and see if anyone is streaming it. This is damn fine Sci-Fi and drama with some good humor in there as well. If you're not a fan of Sci-Fi but like Westerns, well, give it a try. You won't be disapointed!

Next step for me is to watch the movie, and then go out and get the boxed set. I plan on supporting this franchise the best I can.

Ok, I'm tired and Miker just gave me a ton of new books to read. Gotta make some time to read somewhere.


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