Friday, February 10, 2006

Of BBSing and things..

Since I got DSL a couple weeks ago, I have been watching Shoutcast TV. Simply for the fact that I don't have cable or satellite in my room/office. It's a pretty nice alternative for TV. One thing I sa on ShoutcastTV, was the BBS Documentary . And since I run a BBS, I naturally watched. One of the things they discussed was the things lost now that BBSes aren't really common place anymore... Here's a quick run down...

  • The loss of community and comradery. Back then, users treated each other like family. A close knit group. There was one time, on the Mystic Gate BBS here in town, a friend and I wanted to get some new blood in a game of D&D. So I posted some details as to when we wanted to have it and where on the message bases. Sure enough, after a couple days, we had a group of 13 people to play! And somehow we manged to fit them all in. The game lasted for about 2 months or so, and it was great! Let's see something like that on a big forum on the web?
  • Which leads us to this thought. On those big web forums, if you disappear, how soon before someone notices you're not posting? Or what even happened to you? I've seen boards that get like 4000 posts a day! During the BBS days, 10 was considered awesome! But still... That feeling of being an ant on the ocean floating on a toothpick.. Not there on a BBS.
  • What about spam? I never saw spam on a BBS. I never got spam on a BBS either.
These are just a couple things that were brought up about this subject. And I think they make a pretty good case for just havign a BBS around. If I can get just 1 non BBS user, or someone that never called a BBS before to log on and keep coming back, I guess I've done my job.

If you're really curious about all this, you can check the wikipedia page about BBSes. Or if you wanna try it for yourself, feel free to check out my BBS. And you can always ask me here.