Thursday, March 23, 2006

Q103 Where Rock Lives, @ 103.5 & 103.9

Right! So I heard that Q103 in Albany needs some part-timers, and I've been wanting to get into the Albany market for a while, but the radio gods didn't see me worthy to be in the market. So I did what I could where I could and now, the gods of the microphone have sen fit to give me my day in the sun. I got hired at Q103, WQBK! ALL HAIL THE RADIO GODS!

I went to the station last night to train for the automation system that's used there and learn the format. Levack was my sensei and showed me how it was all done. Looks pretty easy. After about 20 mins, I was following along on the log and the system seems intuitive. So tonight, I'll be doing some mic time and getting used to being on the air down there. I got to meet some of the folks and the atmosphere down there was really kicked back. Usually at new places, I'm kinda like defensive and very aware till I get to know a place. After like 5 minutes I felt like I was home. It was that nice. Plus I think I found people who's desks are messier then mine. Flounder, Mrozek, you guys are beautiful people.

I can't really find anything on the con side to say about the place. I could knit pick, but that would serve no purpose. I can safely say, I found a dream job. I have arrived.

Well, I can say one bad thing about the place. Jeff Mrozek is a Bo Sox fan, and must be punished. Naaa, just kiddin'.

Rock on...


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