Monday, March 27, 2006


You know.. for a religion that claims to be peaceful and the most tolerant, I'd hate to see what they when they're pissed off. Seems because an Afghan man converted from Islam to Christianity, he broke islamic law and was to be tried and convicted and sentenced to death. Nice to know that Islamic law is very speedy! Must keep the prisons nice and tidy since people aren't there long enough to muss it up.

How is this better than the Taliban? Just because they don't execute women on a football (soccor) pitch in public anymore makes them better? BULLSHIT! The crusades are over folks! Have been for about a thousand years now! It's cool if a christian switches to islam, but you lose one and you behead them? Yeah. Real enlightened guys! I wanna be Islamic too... NOT!!!

Let's see, you discrimate against women, you behead converts, and everyone not islamic is an infidel. And you still bitch about the Inquisition?!? Talk about hypocrites! So let's all sit back and see how they dig themselves out of this one.

I hate to say it, but sooner or later, a christian fundalmentalist group is gonna come along and you are gonna get that 2nd crusdae you seem to be pushing for. When that happens, I'm gonna be the first to point and yell shenanigans and punch someone in the groin!


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