Friday, April 21, 2006

Into The Wild Blue Yonder

A. Scott Crossfield
October 2, 1921 - d. April 20, 2006

One of the fastest men alive has died. Scott Crossfield, who was a test pilot after WWII at Andrews Air Force Base, has died. This is a very sad loss for the aviation world. If it wasn't for Scott and many brave test pilots, some who lost their lives, as well as the engineers during that time, man wouldn't have gone from flying jet planes to sending a manned rocket to the moon in a mere 20 years.

He was the first man to fly at Mach 2 (680.58 m/s or 1,522.4 mph), and unofficially, the first to fly ay Mach 3 (1,020.8 m/s or 2,283.6 mph) successfully, helped to develop a full pressure flight suit which was the basis for flight suits used by the military and by NASA pilots and astronauts. He was a design consultant on the X-15 project and then later flew the aircraft many years later. During WWII he was a fighter pilot and gunnery instructor.

Many people, and I'm sorry to say I am one of them, never even heard of Scott Crossfield till the movie, The Right Stuff, came out. I've seen that move at least 20 times. Even though Scott Crossfield (played by Scott Wilson) was only in the movie a total of 15 to 20 minutes, it still doesn't mean his contribution to aviation or the space program was something minor. He will be missed.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter! BTW: The Easter Bunny Hates Us!

I always thought he was kind of fuzzy and cute and cuddly. Turns out out, he's pretty pissed off!

Well... Enjoy!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

So I Unpacked, My Adjectives...

Smart. Sexy. Sarcastic. Cute. Intoxicating. Funny. Crazy. Hottie. Beautiful. Bright. Imaginative. Shy. Reserved. Caring. Passionate. Fantastic. And Awesome!

Just a few words that describe you. You know who you are.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Like Riding a Bike!

Well the weather is nice and Terry has been wanting to ride her bike, so we went out and adjusted the seat and took a few pics and a few quicktime movies.

She's still working on keeping herself peddling, but she's able to go for a minute or so on her own before she stops and needs help starting.

My father got her a new bike helmet today and we got it just about to fit... It's still a little loose, but we'll fix that in due time.

My only other concern is her getting to South Dakota. Looks like it probably not gonna happen. Her mother is due for another baby and her due dates are around when she would have had to pick Terry up in Chicago. But since she doesn't wanna travel that close to her due date, and it's more expensive to get her to Colorado or Wyoming then on to South Dakota. So I don't know what I can do.

I want my daughter to be able to see her mother, but if I can't get her out there and she's unable to make it to Chicago and I can't afford to get her all the way out there, then I'm stuck, because I want to see all my other daughters too.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The REAL Bedroom Eyes

I got to gaze into these for about a few hours yesterday.
You tell me! Who has the bedroom eyes huh?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Now, by nature, I'm a private man. I don't share a lot of my personal life with people. Especially on here! It's just how I am. If I'm asked about a specific thing in my life, 9 times out of 10 I'll tell you about what happened. So me putting all this out there, is a rare happening. So read this now before I change my mind and take it down...

Today is my birthday. I'm 35. Woo Hoo! Usually, my birthdays pass and are uneventful. The last few were spent in South Dakota and nothing really happened. And before that.. Well, I can't remember them, so I'm either getting old or they were that memerable. The point being, the last few sucked! But this year, something special happened. I got a card and some chocolate chip cookies, from someone that, day by day, is becoming more and more special to me. I'm not going to mention names, but her and I have been seeing a lot of each other when we can. And the time we've spent together has been far from boring.

Talking to her online makes my day better, and seeing her in person makes me feel very fulfilled inside. It's been a long time since I was this happy, and God help me I don't want it to end. She's so damn beautiful! And I'm referring to her inner beauty. The way she is, and her outlook on the world. Not to say she's not a looker, because yeah she is a looker! In my book, she's a hottie, and that is all that counts! But physical beauty is just the outside shell that encapsulates the best part of her. Her soul.

When I first met her, she was kind of shy and reserved. Sometimes I am too depending on the situation. But the more I got to talk to her and get to know her little by little, the more I liked her. I like making people laugh and those that know me, know I can make people laugh. And she is no exception. She has her own sense of humor that makes me smile and laugh too. That's very important. If you can't laugh at life, then you'll never make it out alive. But, it didn't take long before I wanted to ask her out to dinner. And I hoped she would say yes. When she did, I started to get the impression she liked me as well. When she bought me a bag of Swedish Fish, I knew she was interested in me.

I left her just a few hours ago, and man, let me tell you how hard that was! Took me 20 minutes to get in my own car so I could come home! But I could see something in her face. Like she was thinking about something. I don't know what, and I asked her, but she said it was nothing. But I could see it. Maybe my mind was playing tricks? Maybe someday she'll tell me? Or I could be wrong. To be honest, I'm not in a rush to find out. But the look I saw, made me feel even happier then when I was just sitting with her, holding her in my arms earlier that night.

It what I call a "vibe". I seem to be good at catching vibes from others. And usually, I can sense what they mean, or are trying to convey. What does it all mean? Not sure yet.. But I hope it means more time with her, and more of her chocolate Chip Cookies!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I think so deep, I get stuck in the well!

OK, it's morning. Terry woke me up at the crack of whatever, and has since eaten and is now enjoying some Spongebob Squarepants action on the boob toob. Meanwhile, I sit here and do my usual thing. Check websites, read emails, compose replies, look at pictures, and field requests from Terry.

But today seems a little more calmer then usual. Since it's been winter, the window has been closed. But with the fantastic weather the last few days, I had no choice but to swing open the window and let nature come in. I left it open last night and now this morning, a slight breeze is blowing and rain is starting to fall. Listening to rain is, in my opinion, one of the greatest ways to relax. As a kid, I would go out under the car port of my parent's house and sit in one of the lawn chairs, looking into the street and watch the rain fall, and listen to it hit the metal roof. I could sit there for hours on end, and just feel my heartbeat slow as I found my inner calm. Peace was my bed and tranquility my blanket. Life seemed so simple during those times.

I lost those times not to long ago. I tried so hard to keep them, but it didn't work out that way. One day, maybe a week or so after we brought Terry home from the hospital, a hellaious thunderstorm rolled into town. Me loving that kind of stuff, and being a new dad wanted to share this first experience with my daughter. So I bundled her up, put a little hat on her and took her out on the front porch and sat in a chair with her while the rain fell and thunder and lighting performed it's show. I looked at Terry and told her there was nothing to be afraid of. That daddy was there and that is was something to enjoy. Nature at it's best.

Weird what something like rain will make you think of huh?