Thursday, May 25, 2006

RANT: Chapstick for My Ass Cuz Something Chaffed It!

Ok, here it is. A teen in Illinois posts on his blog he's pissed at his school. He's feeling bullyed by the school. He's expressing himself. All on his own time, own comp and shit, and what happens? THEY SUSPEND HIM! Now he's looking at being expelled for it.

Read about it here.

To me, it seems the that faculty member in charge of the government/civics class needs to re-educate some of his bosses, focusing on the 1st Amendment. You know, that one with that pesky entry about free speech and such? I wonder if they used KY when they screwed the Constitution? Probably not even the common courtesy of a reach around too.

"Do as I say not as I do!". Fine thing to be teaching kids. Listen and obey. This is a major problem in the United States if you ask me (Well I know you didn't ask, but it's my blog after all. ) Too many of us are taking what is given to us at face value. We seem to be too busy to stop and think for a second how something like this will affect us or our children.

Seriously. What are those men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq dying for? They're not playing soldiers boys and girls. They're fighting and dying to bring freedom to those people. The motives for us going in be hanged. We're there and we can't go back. We made a mess and we need to clean it up. But the fact that the most basic of liberties is being stolen from a kid to me is reprehensable, and damn disrespectful. The NSA spying on Americans, Side stepping due process. What is happening to this country? The people that did this to the kid are no more then dictators in my eyes and are drunk on power and playing "Saddam"! Yeah! I went there!

How many kids does this have to happen to? And how long before we realise what's going on? What if it was you?

'nuff said...


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