Saturday, August 26, 2006

Megatron Revealed! 1st shots of Decepticon leader from Transformers Movie. OMG NO!!

Ain't It Cool broke these a few days ago, and received a request to take them down in near record time. I don't blame them! Here the photos, with lots of others from the upcoming Transformers movie, directed by Michael Bay.

Oh man. All I can say is Michael Bay, you have RUINED The Transformers. You sir, IMHO are a hack! You will need a reference for McDonald's after this movie tanks. Maybe flipping burgers is your real calling. No, Seriously. You have a reputation for shoddy movies and I think it's safe to say, Transformers will be added to this list. And I plan on encourging my listeners on The All 80's Saturday Night not to go, and save their money.

Just to show you how much I am disgusted by this, I would rather watch Gigli 800 times then go see this movie. I would rather eat a sardine pizza then go see this movie. I would rather [Insert something really really disgusting here] then go see this movie.

Thanks for nothin' Mike.


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