Friday, December 29, 2006

OoOO! Prezzies!!

Well Christmas has come and gone and the Holidays will be winding down after New Years (BTW: Make sure you tune in to my BIG New Years Eve Party). But now we can look forward to all the other holidays that come up in the new year.
But my focus right now is on what I got for Christmas and the addiction it seems to have caused. Well, Kimmie says it's an addiction. One of the gifts she gave me, and I am happy to say the best, was season 1 of the TV show JAG! 6 Discs of pure entertainment!Action, adventure, humor and lots of planes, tanks and guns! Yes, I love this show. It's great! And it only took me 4 days to watch every episode!

Now is that obsessive? I don't think so. I just like the show! But now, it seems I'm on a quest. You see, this is the first boxed set for a TV show that I own. And now I find myself wanting season 2 which is now out and season 3 is coming soon as well. So, is this obsessive? I think not. This is good television and the enjoyment thereof! All harmless entertainment. I mean, can I help it if they made 10 seasons of the show and I want to see them all! I mean, hell, I stopped watching after season 7 I think. It was the Episode where Harm and Mac are going down in a plane. That was a season finale, so I never got to find out what happened after all that. Obviously they survived! But how? Why? What else happened to Bud and Harriet? Gunny Galindez? PO Coates? Tiner? What Happened? See, I gotta know.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Watch Out Dick Clark! BIG RICH is Here!

12/31 8pm-2am
This New Years Eve, join me on Q103, right after Buffalo Bills Football, as I host a rockin' commercial free party! That's right! Nothing but wall to wall rock till the start of 2007. Then stick around as all New Years Day long you get a 3-fer! Yeah! 3 in a row all day long! Now that's entertainment! So check out the Q103 website for all the details! And remember, if you stay home and listen to me, I guarantee you won't get a DUI, or weird pictures drawn on your face after you pass out!

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