Monday, August 20, 2007

Too Damn Quiet!

Sometimes I check into the Maritime Mobile Service Net on 14.300MHz. But since we're at the bottom of the sunspot cycle, radio propagation on the HF (Worldwide of the non Hams) bands has been spotty to no-existent.
And on top of all that, it's hurricane season.

Lately I've been thinking about when I got into ham radio, I was very into the Emergency Communications end of it. Over the years, I have pretty much not been a part of that. So I'm thinking I should start to get more active in the emergency communication end of things.
Regular check ins to nets and participating in public service events. Lately I've been bored when I'm not around Kim. Even work seems kind of blah. Maybe this ill get my spark going again? I just feel a little lost is all.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Hello World! It's Me Again!

After many moons of not having my VHF/UHF antenna up, I finally went to the hardware store, got some screws and shims. Then went to Radio Shack for 10' of mast to go with the 5' I already had, and some 4" brackets. Brought it all home and got ready to put up my antenna.

After some handyman work to put some wood in between the studs so the lag bolts could grab on to something, I attached the brackets and fastened down the mast. Put the antenna on the top and used a ziptie to hold the feed line down to make it look neat.

And now, I just finished testing it out. Works great! So I'm on the air on the 2 meter band again from the house! But it was a costly install. Time got away from me and I missed talking to Kim on MSN. So, even though I'm kicking ass on the air, I'm doing it from the doghouse.

But the antenna looks sweet right?

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Can't Sleep! Geese will get me!

So I'm coming home from work, just driving along and listening to a podcast, when I notice a Canadian Goose on the side of the road flapping it's wings and running towards me. So I start to slow down. He keeps flapping and I'm getting closer and there's cars on the opposite side of the road so I can't swerve! Then....

Well.. let's just say I had to hose my car off when I got home.

So I walk in the door of my parent's house, tell my father what happened, and he says.. "Did you bring it home so we could cook it?"

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