Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Post #100: An Open Letter to George Steinbrenner

Dear George,

I've been a fan of the Yankees since I was a little kid. Back in the days when Reggie Jackson had a a candy bar named after him. I always loved the Yankees win or lose. And I still do. But I find myself hating the owner. Yeah George, you. You and your gestapo tactics to scare Torre into winning. What, a manager who can rally his team from a slow start to get to the playoffs not good enough for you? This man has gotten your team to the playoffs 12 years in a row. 12 YEARS!!

So he didn't get to the series. Big deal. You know how many times I've heard from Yankee haters they bought there way in with high price talent? Well, guess what. That isn't and has never been the case. It takes a unifying element to bring a team back from the kind of start the Yanks had this year. And that element is Joe. Yet you're ready to fire him. Well, here's a few things to think about "Georgie Boy".

  1. He's loved by your team. You risk losing the team spirit he has created since he came on board.
  2. Even the Red Sox will back him if you fire him!! THE FUCKING RED SOX!!!!
  3. Rivera may go bye bye if you make Joe go bye bye. You got a better closer right now?
  4. Fans will be PISSED!!
  5. Joe is the 3rd most popular manager of the current active managers!!
  6. He is also #2 behind McCarthy in All Time Yankee Wins!!
  7. Nine straight AL East titles, 4 World Series Titles and 12 Consecutive Playoff showings!

And #8, you'll lose me as a fan. A life long fan of my childhood team. And if you do it, you're going to piss off everyone. But then that's what you like to do. Piss people off. So go ahead and decide George. Hope the weather in Tampa is nice. Enjoy the off season, and do everyone a favor. Keep your big trap shut!


P.S. If you smell something funny in your car, that's the dead fish I hid in there. Enjoy finding it.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Boob Toob Calls!

It's the most, wonderful time, of the year! Sing With Me!

Yes, it's new seasons of ALL my favorite shows. Heroes, Smallville, and Battlestar Galactica. Plus a couple new shows to boot that seem to be early favs. If they survive is another story.

Bionic Woman is first up. A remake of the 7o's spin off of the $6 Million Dollar Man. The original show starred Lindsey Wagner as Jamie Summers, a tennis pro who was hurt in a skydiving accedent. Rebuilt with bionics by the same people who rebuilt Col. Steve Austin, a.k.a. the $6 Million Dollar Man. Back then I'm sure it was good TV. But today, it would be like "Skydiving? WTF was doing up there anyways?" But in the new one, Jamie is a prospective Harvard colleget who puts her plans on hold after her father who is implied to have some drug issues, dumps her little sister on her to take care of. The only good thing going for her, is her fiance', Dr. Will Anthros, who is also a bionics specialist. After a massive car wreck, Jamie is saved by her fiance', who escaped with minor injuries, with bionic implants. The show is produced by one of the guys who does Battlestar Galactica, David Eick. Which is why Katie Sackoff, who plays Starbuck on BGS is in it. But it's cool . So far the first 2 episodes are good. Getting it all going. Can't wait to see where it goes from there.

Next up.. Journeyman. Dan Vasser, a reporter for a San Fransisco paper suddenly finds himself traveling through time, at random, to help people, and in the process alienates his wife and brother, who where at one point dating each other, and tries to do it all without going nuts. His time shifts are preceded by a headache and sometimes are so subtle, he doesn't even know he's shifted through time. While the concept of time travel in science fiction is kinda of cliche', it can make for an interesting show. But hopefully some of the plot points and the way they unfold will maybe keep this show moving along. But I can see this one becoming a cult favorite if it doesn't make the ratings. Time...will tell.

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