Saturday, April 05, 2008

Well Spank My Ass and Call me 37!

Greetings from Boston! Another year has gone by, and now, being another year older, I realize that birthdays and safety words go hand in hand. (ARMAGEDDON!)

For some strange reason, people get kinky and want to spank me. While I'm all for having fun on my birthday, I can't help but get the feeling that everyone is a closet Dom. Which it would seem, makes me a Bottom. How it got to be this way, is still a mystery to me and Wikipedia, but hey, I can go with the flow I guess. In the mean time, I plan on hitting up the Sam Adams Brewery here in Beantown, for a tour, and a couple of samples, then maybe a little trip to Little Italy, the North End, for some good ol' home cooking Italian style. Just like Nonnie used to make. Then hopefuly some cake! Nom Nom Nom Nom (Turn) Nom Nom Nom.

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