Tuesday, November 04, 2008

YAAA Democracy!

I don't know what to think of how the election is being covered right now. I'm watching the BBC to see how they report on it. Then it hit me, that another country and a great deal more all over the world is watching this very closely. When was the last time you saw CNN, FOX of MSNBC cover the election for the Russian Prime Minister or President, or Spain's government, as close as some are watching us. That just shows how much the United States is still a major power in the world even though the Bush administration has pretty much frakked it all up for us.

I think it's safe to say that this election is not only making history with every vote cast, but is a crucible for Americans. Burning off the old to allow for growth of the new. Americans want change, and damn, are they taking it. It makes me feel so good to see so many people voting. And I can fel the excitement of this whole thing. I am a witness to a hostoric event. As I'm watching CNN now (I'm flipping back and forth..) they are showing Grant Park in Chicago and the crowd is so excited, they are drowning out the reporter who just tried to do her report. This is so amazing!

I'm going to do some Twittering thru the night, and may add to this post as I go.

Update 8:30pm EST: Obama leads 103 to 49. Damn this is going to be a short night I think.

Update 9:09pm EST: Obama on the verge of taking Ohio, New York is won(No Suprise) and Florida is just about Obama's as well. Plus Pennsylvania to boot! This is pretty much done now.

Update 9:55pm EST: Obama took New Mexico and Ohio. It's pretty well locked up.

Update 11:07pm EST: Obama is President Elect. 44th President. I can not be more proud to be an American.

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