Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sherman? The Wayback Machine Please!

Yes, I know. I haven't been here. But, you know, some of us need to make the donuts. So what has everyone but up to? Ahh.. I see...

Well, yours truly has been talking and connecting with folks. Not just ordinary folks, but folks from school and the past. Yes, classmates who have lived their own lives and done great things! Sadly, none work for Lucasfilm. But not all of the class of 1988/89 have checked in yet, so there is still hope.

Old friends and crushes long gone. Where has time gone? It makes you think. Things like, "What have I done with my life?", "Have I accomplished any of my dreams?", "Do these jeans make me look fat?". For the most part, I think I've done good. There are still some dreams that need to be taken care of. I think after seeing some old friends who have done better than me, it might be the kick in the ass I need.

And for Mindy: This post is very salacious for you. Right?

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