Sunday, April 05, 2009

FRAK! I'm getting older?

And so another birthday is here. Yep, I'm 38 now. When will this linear time thing stop? Ah well. In years past, my birthdays have been really shitty. But this year, oh man. It's going to be AWESOME! How you ask? "Well, lemme tell ya'!"

The plan was to go to N.A.B., the National Association of Broadcasters Expo, in Las Vegas. I was going to go with one of my show's cohost, Bill P. But things fell through and Kim and I decided to go anyways for a little vacation. We booked our flight, made our plans and we're set to leave in 2 weeks from the date of this post. But unknown by me, Kim had something planned. One of the best presents I could ever get! She got tickets to see Penn & Teller! YES, FRAK, YES! I can honestly say this is one gift I will never forget.

So needless to say, this birthday is going to be great, and I get to spend it with someone I love. Who said getting older sucks? The one I'm really waiting for is when I have my midlife crisis and get that Mustang. YEAH!!

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