Friday, April 03, 2009

Hey you kids! Get off my lawn before I FRAG ya'!!

So while aimlessly perusing the Internet, I discovered that Quake LIVE is live! Some of you are saying, "D00D! How did you not notice this?!" Well, I'm a busy guy. But I know now that I can frag ANYTIME from ANYWHERE! This is a great thing!

Only one minor issue. The PC I have is not powerful enough to handle Quake LIVE. A measly Celeron 1GHz with 1GB of ram is not enough. So I'll have to use my Mac I guess. NO?! There is no support for Mac yet? ARRGGGHH!!! But there is an alternative! VM Ware Fusion. I have v2.x laying around so I'll try that. OK, I've gone through the install of Windows XP and and VM Ware is running.. OOO! I'm in! I can register! Cool.. setup the controls and the like and then some training! But wait! What's this? Like 1fps? NOOOO!!!!

Ok... Ok.. don't get upset.. Let's try native. Do an option boot into Windows. Hey! That works! I'm playing?! Aw man, but the standard Mighty Mouse sucks for Quake. Well, at least the way I like to setup the mouse. Crap... But at least I am able to get into it. And with another GB or ram or so, I should be able to use VM Ware with no hassles! YES! QUAKE GOODNESS IS MINE AGAIN!

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